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Our analytics are based on decades of data from reliable sources

Over 1000 Metrics Available
We track each metric through time by location, and build predictive models to extrapolate it into the future. Real-estate is hyper-local, so it helps to be on top of trends. We cross-reference thousands of correlations, and examine effects of current political and economic effects using deep learning. We overlay feeds from multiple sources to reduce error and gain insight into trends that have not yet been published by the government. Our model pays attention to trends, not just current snapshots. We don't just aggregate data from other sources, like our competitors, we build our own predictive models. Each metric is exposed via predictive API for enterprise consumption.

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For those who want to learn how to escape the rat race.
Real Estate Guides
Learn how to invest in real estate through BRRR, refinancing, tax strategies, 1031 exchanges, and more
Basic Analytics
See trends at a macro level, across all of US
Points of Interest
Mark important locations, store docs, links, and events for your properties
Lease Agreements
Download standard lease agreements for your properties
Market Insights
Monthly market trends and insights, delivered to your inbox
Current Trends
See how regions are evolving across US
For those ready to take action and earn passive income.
All Explorer features
All Explorer features
Street-Level Analytics
See trends at a micro level, block by block
Advanced Guides
Advanced guides on upzoning, easements, infinite banking, land investing, and more
State-Specific Leases
Download lease agreements specific to the state your properties are in
Personalized Insights
See how market trends are affecting your own properties
Developing Trends
See how regions are expected to evolve in the next few years using our predictive models
$100/mo $50/mo
For those ready to scale their cash-flow.
All Trailblazer features
All Trailblazer features
Property Management
Let us manage your properties for you with our staff, anywhere in the US (first 2 free, then $100/mo per property)
Leverage Our Network
Leverage our network of professionals to find, buy, and manage your rental properties
Off-Market Deals
Access to deals not available on MLS, Zillow, or other public sites
Tax Planning & Prep
Let us handle your taxes for you, and provide tax prep advice on properties we manage
TrendFinder™ AI
AI that scans correlations in trends to calibrate its predictive models (more accurate trend detection)
$2000/mo $500/mo